What Syntax Do Scripts Use?

Scripts are the messages that are sent to your customers.

There are scripts for email and SMS messages.

You can customize all scripts in the app by including the following symbols into them.

The computer will replace the symbols with the appropriate values when sending the reminder to the client.

Don’t worry, these items are listed in the app as well! (click on the 1st link under the “How Do I” section) 

   $NAME The client’s name (e.g. Bob Smith).

   $FIRST_NAME The client’s first name (e.g. Bob).

   $OUR_NAME The client-friendly name of the facility the appointment is at (e.g. Test Location Name).

   $APPOINTMENT_DATE The date of the appointment (e.g. Tuesday, May 17th)

   $APPOINTMENT_START_TIME The time the appointment starts (e.g. 04:01 PM)

   $APPOINTMENT_END_TIME The time the appointment starts (e.g. 04:01 PM)