What is Appointment Reminder?

Appointment Reminder is an online service, hosted in a way that is similar to Gmail or Facebook. It can be accessed by any computer with an Internet connection which is capable of using modern web applications, like Gmail or Facebook. You can either put in the client information and appointments into our online interface or upload a CSV/Excel file with them into the online interface.

We take care of all the hardware, software, maintenance, and telephony services necessary to provide this service to you.

We’ve had many organizations have a great deal of success in 1) cutting down lost appointments and 2) saving a considerable amount of money as a direct relationship to having less cancellations.

Some of our customers go from a 25% no show rate to a 5% no show rate! We have many reports that this transformed our customers businesses.

Confirmation rates for SMS messages are approximately 40% on average, which is a major increase over traditional methods of reaching people, which many of our customers registers as a huge win.

Further, we work with many medical customers and hospitals that implement our services in order to realize significant savings from reduced cancellations.