September 09, 2018

by Appointment Reminder Team
Categories: thoughts

Its another busy week and you have tons of emails to get to, lists to build and phone calls that never end. There is no time to waste.

If you completely automate your outreach process, it will end in deleted messages and some calls that go unanswered. It is important to keep outreach efforts personal for proper response, but it’s also very time-consuming and your to-do list is building by the minute.

So, the question is, how do you cater to prospects in a way that gets them on the phone, while ensuring that other calls don’t slip through the cracks?

You can easily build tools that cater to your outreach process, where prospects feel respected are more likely to book an appointment, and you can do all of this without taking up your precious time.

Five Minutes is All You Need

Time is money, both for you and your potential customer. Just think about how 15-20 minutes of your time taken by someone can be irritating when you dont know them, what they are selling, or the outcome of the meeting. 5 minutes is much less threatening, and easier to give up. Try catching someone in their element so they dont have to go out of their way for your meeting.

Get out of your own schedule’s way

If you’re still setting up all your meetings by email, you’re forcing one prospect to wait while another confirms. While trading emails with one potential customer to set up a demo, you force your second prospect to wait for your attention until the first prospects call is scheduled. Now your second prospect feels unimportant, and as the email chain continues on, the second prospect eventually leaves.

Using scheduling and appointment software allows each prospect to confirm a meeting or appointment as soon as they’re ready, instead of making them wait in a slow line.

Be Careful About Your Email Templates

There’s a right way and wrong way to use email templates and scheduling software. Its all about the prospect, not you. Templates and tools can make life easier for everyone, but you need to prove to your potential customers that their time is valued, and that automating is really a great value for both parties.

Vague email templates that do not cover your intention are terrible. A better approach is asking what times work with them, and throw out your availability off the bat. Let them know you are happy to work around their schedule and that you look forward to the conversation.

Letting your prospects know that you arent pushy and will work with their schedule is crucial to landing new customers. Cookie cutter emails and vague voicemails will lead to silence and the sound of crickets. Use tools to help ensure that you wont get a no show. Make them feel special and realize why your service is too.