How do I know if my reminders have been sent?

Our system uses an easy to understand color coding system. All of the appointments on your calendar will be easy to identify based on their color. Here is an example of a calendar with different colored appointments:

Reusablebale Scripts

The color coding key is listed on your dashboard and looks like this:

Reusablebale Scripts

In general, there are three scenarios that can happen with your notifications, outlined below.

Good News:

Scheduled: The client has not been contacted yet.

Confirmed: The client has confirmed that they are coming to the appointment.

Showed: The client came to their appointment.

Neutral News:

Notified: We contacted the client and left a message, but they haven’t replied yet.

Requested Contact: When we contacted the client, they requested to speak to you about the appointment.

Bad News:

Not Notified: We tried to contact the client, but we couldn’t reach them. Check their contact info, please.

Canceled: The client canceled the appointment.

No Showed: The client was scheduled to come to their appointment, but did not come.