How Do I Determine How Many Schedules We Need and How Do I Create A Schedule?

Example A: Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith is the only provider in the office, therefore would need only one schedule.

Example B: Dr. Jones & Associates

There are three doctors in this facility, so each doctor would need their own schedule.

Appointment Reminder Schedule 1

To set this up, click on the Schedule tab

Once you have accessed this tab, you will notice two important things on the page.

1) You will see in the first paragraph how many schedules you have used, and how many schedules you can create. This is based on your subscription level. For this account, the user has used 3 schedules out of a possible 10 schedules.

2) Your account is set up with one schedule when you first sign up for Appointment Reminder. The “Create New Schedule” link will allow you to create additional schedules. 

Appointment Reminder Schedule 2

Determine Schedule settings

If you have more than one provider in your office, you will need to set up schedules for each provider. In this example, we will use Dr. Jones & Associates as our test.

There are four primary questions you need to answer to proceed with this section:

  1. What hours does the provider work?

  2. What days of the week do they work?

  3. What is their preference for appointment times (i.e., on the :15 of the hour, on the :30 of the hour, etc.)

  4. How quickly do they typically see their next client?

Back to our examples, Dr. Jones is in the office 7 a.m. To 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Her appointments usually last 30 minutes and she likes them scheduled on the quarter hour.

The setup for Dr. Jones would be:

Appointment Reminder Schedule 3

Dr. Anderson is in the office 8 a.m. To 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. His appointments usually last 60 minutes and he likes them scheduled on the half hour. 

Appointment Reminder Schedule 4

Dr. Brown is in the office only on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to Noon. Her appointments usually last 60 minutes and she likes them scheduled on the hour. 

Appointment Reminder Schedule 5