How to Create Content For Search Optimization

How to Create Content For Search Optimization

Everyone knows that to get a high ranking in online searches, your website needs to be optimized. The major search engines such as Google won’t post your content if not, which is a real bummer. You need to create online content that people will want to share on social media or whatever medium of their choosing.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get your customers sharing your content!

Make a Decision On the keywords in Which You Wish To Rank

The first trick is to know how to target specific keywords. A great tool is the free Google Adwords Keyword Research tool. Enter keywords that you think might be searched then check the keywords using the “Ad Group Ideas” tab and the “Keyword Ideas” tab. These allow you to view different variations on the words you initially put in whether by theme or group.

When making Keyword selections, consider data points, like search volume, relevance to the page and site content, and the likelihood that your page will be able to rank for the term (keyword competitiveness).

Use Proper Keyword Placement in Your Copy

Now that you know the keywords you want to use, think about where they need to go in your content. The goal is that they are optimized for high search rankings. An important Keyword spot is the article title. This is where keywords tell users, as well as search engines, what the article or content is about. People often use the title, when searching for articles which will increase your chances that targeted keywords get in the hyperlink to your article.

Be sure when writing, to use variations of the keyword, making the content sound natural and not just polluted with keywords. Content management systems, like WordPress and TypePad, make the article title the “title tag” by default, however there are plugins for WordPress that allow you to have extra text fields for search engine optimization. You can also enter targeted keywords in the “Focus Keyword” field, and the SEO tool will evaluate your page for optimization by telling you if the keyword is in all the right places to achieve the most.

Create Shareable Content

Writing awesome content for your top ranking keywords should be distinctive, witty or compelling so your viewers will want to share it with their networks. A lot of times people think of funny as videos or stories, but it can also mean a cartoon, which can be outsourced for a low cost. Another great tool to use is Lists.  Interesting lists of things can become viral. The challenge is creating a list that people will actually want to share.

You can also hire a graphic designer to help you present information that is visually appealing. If you don’t have the budget for a designer or the skills to do it yourself, you can use free infographic tools such as Start by looking at the social media profiles of those who influence your target audience. See what types of content they retweet, like and blog about.

Content Promotion Time!

Let’s get those customers blogging and tweeting! Try to build strong relationships with those people who could influence your target audience. The more people share your article and link to it from their website or blog, the higher your search engine rankings will be. You can take your business and brand to the next level with the right SEO approach and appealing to the masses. Get them sharing, and you will be on your way to SEO success!

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