How to Convert Prospects with Cold Emails

How to Convert Prospects with Cold Emails

It is important o get your prospect’s attention the right way. Personalization is essential, but there are other tricks to make your message stand out among the hundreds of cold emails your potential customer is most likely receiving daily. The average email user gets 147 messages every day and what’s more, is that business is changing which changes the way your prospects manage emails. You can be almost certain that if your email is even opened, it will be read in the elevator or in line for coffee.

Here are some tips to convert your prospects with emails.

What keeps your prospect up at night?

What does your prospect care about? You should ask, and don’t be afraid to get personal with them. If you know they are a sales manager, then you can talk about their goals and the high pressure you know they are under to make sure their team is meeting those goals. Then, introduce your solution and convince them that taking a call with you is a step closer to eliminating those problems and reaching their goals.

Stay Away from Cheesy Subject Lines

The goal of a conversion is getting your prospect to open your email. With crowded inboxes, most sales representives don’t even make it that far. The key isn’t to try to come up with a unique and creative subject line. Create a subject line that’s really targeted to your prospect’s needs and provide a solution to focus on those needs.

Get to the Point

One major commonality of your prospects regardless of the industry they are in, is that they don’t have a ton of time. So don’t waste their limited time with formalities? Avoid the “how are you” and “hope this email finds you well” language because it doesn’t matter to anyone. The you can get to the point, they’ll appreciate that you’re respecting their time.


Increase the chances of conversion from a cold email but using only one call-to-action like “scheduling a call”. A meeting scheduling software for sales teams can show your availability to your prospect in an email which eliminates the back and forth, saving tons of time.

Make it Relevant and Personal

Instead of personalizing based on things that aren’t relevant to your reason for reaching out such as knowing your prospect lives in California, focus on more pertinent conversation starters. A little research can really go a long way when getting your prospect to schedule a meeting. 

Let Prospects Know Whats In It for Them

It may be your intent is to get your prospect on a discovery call or go straight into a demo, regardless, your first email is your best chance to sell that meeting. Think about why would they spend 15-20 minutes of their time with you. If you’ve done your research and understand their situation, you can tell them how your call is going to bring them closer to achieving the goal that you’ve identified.

Be Credible

Utilizing powerful statistics and pertinent content that show your expertise can go a long way in a cold email. It shows that you’ve done your homework and have empathy for your prospect and their work situation. Position yourself as an expert on their role before they will even think about speaking to you and it will go a long way.

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