How to Build Credibility as a New Entrepreneur

How to Build Credibility as a New Entrepreneur

Starting up a business is hard and when you’re new to the world, and inexperienced, there is a large challenge of building credibility which can be added pressure.


You may have a lot of ideas that you are eager to try out which is natural for many entrepreneurs in the early stages of business. However, to build credibility, you must have a specific focus. You never want to be good at 50 different things because there is always going to be someone who is better than you at each one of those things. Focusing your credibility on carving out a specific niche, ( one that you excel in), makes you stand out from the competition and in the end, be great at something rather than ok at a lot of things.

Build An Online Business

The online world is a perfect place to begin building a track record as a business owner. A presence on the web is inexpensive and a great way to show people who you are and what your company does. Not only are social media and blogging important tools for gaining exposure, but reaching out to other businesses online is imperative as well.

Face Time

Online social media like Facebook and Twitter, and email will get you places, but as part of a tech-based generation, younger entrepreneurs shouldn’t forget the benefits of face-to-face networking. Never underestimate the value of shaking hands. Seeing someone in person and facial expressions and tone is key to building relationships. Online media should only compliment that.

Reaching out to people you admire in the industry and asking them to meet is very important. You don’t have to network and get business cards from everyone you meet, but having just one important name on your side will earn the respect of others.

Deliver Promises

Early relationships with merchants and customers are important in building a company’s name. Those are the people that will always vouch for your company. Once you go above and beyond what you said you would do, people will see that and share it with others. It’s critical to make your customers happy but don’t try to rope them in with lofty promises. Always make sure you can deliver a promise.

Be Yourself

Be confident and transparent. You may be tempted to make yourself seem older or conceal your age, but it’s an unnecessary and possibly detrimental precaution to take. If you can show that you’re mature and smart for your age, people will end up appreciating the honesty and admire you for it. Don’t apologize for your lack of experience. If you are working with someone who will disregard you for your experience and age, then it’s probably not a relationship you should be pursuing in the first place.

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