How Scheduling Apps are Helping Real Estate Agents Manage Time

How Scheduling Apps are Helping Real Estate Agents Manage Time

A positive working relationship with your clients goes a long way! As a real estate agent, it is important to utilize helpful resources which help you respect your time and your client’s time. Real estate appointment and scheduling apps can help you avoid lost time, resources, and opportunities like late arrivals, no-shows, and miscommunications. Providing your clients with automatic reminders and appointment confirmations will help alleviate all of these issues and offer piece of mind to both parties. 

Forget about rushing through traffic only to end up waiting for a client who has already forgotten the time of the meeting or misplaced the address. The Real Estate industry can benefit greatly from appointment apps. Here is why:

People Have Their Own Idea of “Appointment Start Times”

Not everyone treats an appointment time the same. Some assume that a 1pm meeting is the same as a 1pm arrival time, and others may naturally create a 5-10 minute buffer time. Everyone looks at meeting and appointment times different, and not every is as punctual as you are! Instead of leaving it to everyone’s individual concept of time, your appointment reminders should include an arrival time and an estimated start time. That way there is no miscommunication!

Meeting Location Details

Sometimes a simple address is often misleading when it comes to showing appointments and other real estate meetings. If the location is simple, and where to park at a given location are both limited to one option, like a home with a basic driveway and obvious front entrance, you may be able to provide just an address. However, offering helpful tips in your reminder like details on where to park, proper entrance, and where exactly you will be waiting for your clients, can save time and avoid frustrations which can create anxiety and reluctance at the worst time. 

What to Bring

Some real estate appointments don’t require the client to bring anything, while some meetings require a lot of preparation and paperwork. For instance, first time homebuyers, may not know what to prepare to bring to each appointment. This is why automated reminders for real estate meetings can be a life saver for all parties. With appointment reminders, you can create custom templates based on different types of appointments. These can automatically remind your clients of what they need to bring to each meeting, if anything is needed.

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