GrowthHacking Marketing Tips to Convert Your Website Visitors

GrowthHacking Marketing Tips to Convert Your Website Visitors

It’s Saturday morning, and you’ve planned a full day of errands. You’ve already got your oil changed, grabbed a bottle of wine for dinner, and gotten your hair cut. Wow, that took a lot less time than you thought and now you have a free hour!

You could either run home and knock out a few loads of laundry, or get your hair cut. This is great because you thought you’d have to put these things off until next weekend. You could get your hair cut and then have next weekend free! Easy choice, right? So you grab your phone, search for the closest barber, look for an appointment that will fit your schedule, and book it. This whole process takes less than a minute.

Wait a second! What if that nearby barber doesn’t offer online scheduling? Most likely, you will be skipping that appointment and moving on. A business opportunity is now gone in a flash.If you’re not getting enough customers to book using online scheduling, it might be time to take a good look at the user flow of your website, and stop leaving money on the table.

The key is using growth hacking tactics to generate business and scheduling through your website. Growth hacking is a process of rapidly experimenting with and implementing marketing and promotional strategies that are solely focused on efficient and rapid business growth. 

Here are some techniques!

Build Profiles Based on Your Highest Paying Customers

Creating buyer personas while developing your product or service is key! Buyer personas are a valuable guidepost for developing effective prospect communications. Personas are created using a combo of free government research and your own sales data. Combine that with your own customer interviews/surveys to build a profile of your raving fan. Personas should be detailed and include psychographics like how individuals buy, their comfort level with technology, and whether they’re driven more by brand loyalty or price. Once developed, personas provide your sales and business development teams with a clearly defined audience around which all of your marketing including your website, should be created.

Clean Up Your Navigation

Whether your main call to action is a phone number or a button to an online scheduling page, it should be prominently displayed at the top of your site. If your navigation is cluttered with secondary links or social media buttons, your overwhelming visitors with way too many choices. Make your CTA stand out by making it larger or bolder than surrounding text, or in a strong color.

When someone clicks a search or display ad, have it link to a campaign specific landing page rather than a page on your site. The visitor is demonstrating interest with their click, so you should include important messaging about your services, a strong call to make an appointment, and a link to your online scheduling software.

This approach streamlines the demand-lead-generation process by channeling your visitor right to the desired action. They will wind up booking a lot faster than if they have to browse through your entire site beforehand.

Test Headlines, Images, and Test Copy

You should be testing everything on your site strategically, from headline effectiveness to the color of your call to action button. Identify elements to test on your appointment scheduling page, and conduct split tests to learn what works best. See if changing your button text gets a better response than before. By continually testing and refining, you should see an increase in scheduled appointments.

There’s no mystery as to why some sites perform and some don’t. You may not know right away what customers will respond to, but you have the power to find out and design a site focused on user experience!

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