Essential Things for Business Travelers

Essential Things for Business Travelers

When it comes to business travel, one must always be prepared. Having a travel list on your phone whenever you head out to a foreign land is essential. Many of these items will come to great use during your travels! Here are some recommended items to have in your suitcase. ( Need a good set of luggage? Click Here!)

Multi Tool or Swiss Army Knife

This novelty item has many life saving qualities. You would never know when exactly you might need scissors, to remove the label on a new tie for instance, or a bottle opener for the foreign beers or wine that you may want to try. Just make sure that you store this item in your check-in luggage, or it will be confiscated by the airport security officers during your security screening.

SIM Card for Mobile Internet

Today’s highly connected world requires us to always be…connected! Some of us may dread the feeling of not checking our Facebook or Twitter account for days, but beyond that, staying connected over mobile Internet is crucial for a business person to check their emails, texts, Linkedin, or to power those traveling apps.

It also acts as your WiFi hotspot via tethering when you’re not getting good enough signals from your hotel’s WiFi. Besides getting a foreign phone line, you could also put your phone on roaming mode with data, or continue to hunt for those elusive WiFi zones around the city.

Credit Card, or Debit Card

This is a rather self-explanatory item that you must have, but do check with your bank if they charge extra (by percentage) for overseas transactions. If so, use your ATM/debit card to withdraw cash instead, via the globally connected ATM machines (check the logos on which interbank network the machines support). You only need to pay a small one-time withdrawal fee, on top of the cost of currency exchange.

External Portable Battery

Travelers are always out and about; not to mention constant photo taking and navigating via Google Maps. These activities will absolutely drain your phone’s battery, and if you can’t find a place to charge your phone, consider carrying an extra battery around, or an external battery pack to share with your other power hungry devices. Ensure that you bring them along with you in your carry-on luggage and not in your checked-in baggage, due to risk of fire hazard.

Travel Power Adapters

Ok, I’m assuming we are not first-time travelers, so we never assume we could hook up our phones or laptop chargers to any power outlets in any countries. But, we should assume that we may need more than one power adapter in this ever increasing, digitally connected world. In fact, I carry two of this when I travel, because I just have too many things to charge or power-up. You could also consider bringing a socket extension as an alternative, but do watch your luggage weight.

Mini Sewing Kit

I thought I heard you laughing. Well, some may laugh now, but wait till you accidentally pop that button of your favorite office shirt and you’re meeting your huge prospect tomorrow. If you think your hotel does not provide one, please bring one. What I do is I keep one from the previous hotel I stayed in.

Business Cards

I add this on this list because I actually have it on my “things to bring” list just in case; you may forget (like me). Many foresee that business cards will be dead soon, and be replaced by new high-tech devices or apps (but many of these hopefuls have failed). So, until that happens, pack them in your suitcase and remember to bring lots of them.


Apps are already becoming don’t-leave-home-without-it essentials we all must have. Here are some must-have’s:

  • Google Maps or Sygic ( download maps ahead of time so you won’t need wifi)
  • Google Translate
  • Airline App
  • Whatsapp (or other commonly used chat apps in the country
  • Weather app
  • Currency converter
  • Hotel App
  • Uber or Rideshare App

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