Don’t Make These Mistakes When Advertising On Instagram

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Advertising On Instagram

There are so many social media and marketing channels out there today, and we know it can feel overwhelming!! It is hard for business owners to know which channel they should focus their efforts on that will actually drive sales and show a meaningful ROI. So, here are some common mistakes we see businesses make on Instagram today.

Is your business a fit for Instagram?

Believe it or not, not every business is actually a fit for Instagram. Instagram is all about lifestyle and things you can show in pictures, so it works great for niches like fashion, beauty, travel and culinary tips. However, if you’re more of a B2B company or enterprise SaaS business, Instagram may not be the place for you. Regardless, many B2B companies feel they should be doing something on Instagram, even if they don’t know what it is! Businesses shouldn’t be afraid to realize Instagram just isn’t an audience channel for everyone.

If your business is a fit for Instagram and you’re just not seeing results, then you may be making one of several very common mistakes.

Unstoppable Feeds

A large frustration for businesses, when trying to sell on Instagram early on, is that Instagram doesn’t allow you to post clickable links to products alongside your posted photos. In good news, reecently some new tools like product tagging, have come about are making it easier for retailers to sell and consumers to buy. became the first ecommerce platform that allowed retailers to be able to send their customers directly from an Instagram photo to a product page on their website.

Overly Done Conversion Steps

Think about how easy is it for your customers to check out on your site? One of the main rules of selling online is that every step, click or form your customer has to fill out sees possible customers begin to drop off. Amazon’s one-click checkout has played a big part in its success. Instagram is mainly experienced on a mobile device where your customers have less time and much smaller screens. It means you look at it from a consumer perspective how easy and quick it is to buy from your site on their phone.

Fake Followers

Many businesses fall into the trap of buying followers, but it’s one of the biggest mistakes a business can make. It is hard to start new with only say, 25 followers and hope to reach 1,000 in a mere week, but buying followers is not a wise choice. Any frequent Instagram user can easily spot a company with fake followers. For instance, an account that has 15,000 followers but only gets 15 likes a photo is a red flag.  It can in turn have a reverse impact on your brand. Also, you aren’t really buying real people to follow you. You are buying likes from fake, bot accounts who are not real people. Guess what? They will actually ever buy from you.

If Instagram finds out hat you have bought followers, it can hide your hashtags from the public and only your actual followers can see your posts. When you get a ban on your account, it can be hard to convince Instagram to undo it and you may need to set up a whole new account and start from scratch.

Building your audience from 50 to 15,000 requires a lot of work and time. It’s not going to happen overnight. Getting engaged, active, appropriate followers takes a lot of time and work. It requires posting awesome content, interacting with your audience, and leaving comments on potential customers pages. Slowly over a few months, you will begin to see your numbers rise!

It’s All About The Sales

Businesses can annoy their customers by being too sales forward. Don’t make your page just about selling your product. Instead, include photos and messages that demonstrate your brand voice or show fun photos of your staff or office. A good example is musicians. Artists want to sell their songs and concert tickets but their Instagram is almost always full of glimpses into their glamorous lives and funny photos. They may make an occasional mention that they have a new tour starting or a song but, most of the content is whimsical and personal.

Instagram Stories

Many businesses seem to skip over using Instagram stories, even though it is a great channel to engage your customers and get new followers. You can use still photos and create text pages to make a story and use tags to make it correspond to the right channels.You can also post videos. Using this feature is a great way to demonstrate brand personality and show love to followers. Creating content that people actually want to watch will keep them coming back for more. 

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