Check Out These Apps to Help Out New Graduates

Check Out These Apps to Help Out New Graduates

College is an exciting time for most people however, these days, many students seeking a 4-year degree are doing so within a six-year time frame. They are left without the credentials they need, and universities are stuck with attrition costs. The good news is that more specific tools are available than before to help students build the skills they need to stay on track. Time management tricks and tools are around to help students stick with an institution through graduation day, as opposed to giving up due to costs and time.

Time Management

Some students have a hard time moving from a static, to a growing mindset when they enter college. But, when they recognize their potential to improve their time-management skills, they begin to figure out systems tailored to their own personalities and work styles. When this comes into play, students start to enjoy organization and creativity. Time management apps allow students to prioritize projects in a fun and rewarding way.

Try Trello.

Better Sleep

Sleep can take a backseat for college students balancing an education and social life. Operating on lack of quality sleep is a recipe for lethargy and lack of motivation. Allowing sufficient time for rest is a top component of good time management. Sleep tracker apps can monitor sleep patterns and use an alarm that can wake you when you are naturally becoming more alert. Being forced awake from a deep REM cycle and natural wake patterns can make the whole difference in performance that day.

Try any sound machine or Sleep Cycle.

To Do Lists

It is an old trick, but writing down your to-do list can free up working memory and help you stay on track. Pen and paper still work well, but if you want to go digital, there are several apps you can try. One that gives you persistent reminders of your tasks across all of your platforms will help to keep you in check.

Try Evernote.

Remember Details

There’s nothing worse than starting a major assignment the night before it’s due! The realization that you don’t have the time you need to complete on deadline is stressful enough. You can avoid this burden and embarrassment by using project management apps. Try an app that allows to students organize coursework and keep on track of every small detail.

Try iStudiez Pro.

Students should also be encouraged to embrace tools their university has on tap for easily scheduling time with a tutor or advisor. Many colleges use appointment reminders that allow students to self-schedule their appointments with guidance counselors and advisors.

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