Text Message Appointment Reminders

Many businesses find that they have a problem with clients not remembering their appointments. Sending customers a text message reminder (sometimes called an SMS appointment reminder) is an effective, convenient way to encourage them to come to their appointments in a timely fashion. Customers love the convenience of receiving a reminder and confirming their availability by replying at their leisure. Businesses love that sending reminders is inexpensive and, with the right system, takes virtually no staff time. Appointment Reminder is a simple, easy to use system which sends text message reminders (in addition to phone and email reminders).

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How Much Do Text Reminders Cost?

Far less than a skipped appointment!  Appointment Reminder has a variety of plans suitable for various businesses, based mostly on the volume of appointments you deal with in a given month.  The majority of our customers are on our Professional plan, which costs only $29 a month.  Since most businesses which book appointments stand to lose a hundred dollars or more in staff time and forgone revenue if an appointment gets skipped, saving even one appointment a month will more than pay for the cost of the system.

How To Send Customers Text Message Reminders

Sign up for the free trial of Appointment Reminder and you can start sending messages right away.  There is no software to install or hardware to buy: you just access a web site that we set up for you, schedule your appointments, and type in your clients' mobile phone numbers.  We send them text messages a day before and on the morning of their appointments.  These are totally customizable text messages -- just check under the Scripts tab in your account to change what clients receive.

Can Customers Confirm Their Appointments Via Text Message?

Yep, they sure can!  By default, the SMS reminders that we sent out include language similar to "Text back 1 to confirm your appointment, 5 to cancel your appointment, or 9 to have us contact you about your appointment."  Confirmations and cancellations are automatically reflected on your interface.  When a customer cancels or requests a call, you get sent an email or text message instantly, allowing you to deal with that in a timely fashion. Give Appointment Reminder a try today! We'll give you 30 days free to see if it is right for your business.  There are no setup fees, nothing to install, and no restrictive contacts to sign.  You can be up and running in minutes.

Helpful Hints For Reminders

  • Remember, you only get 160 characters.  Make them count!  Common abbreviations like Appt instead of Appointment help preserve space, which lets you get across all key details of your message.
  • The key details for a reminder are Who, When, Where, Why, and What Do I Do Next.  For example: "Your appointment with Dr. Smith is tomorrow @ 4 PM.  Reply with 1 to confirm or 5 to cancel." answers all of these questions, assuming they remember where Dr. Smith's office is.
  • Never put confidential information into a text message -- it can be read by third parties.  Discuss sensitive subjects in person or via telephone.

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