Appointment Reminder Launches

Got five minutes? Watch the video. Don’t like video? Read on. Want to just sign up? Start your free trial.


Solve Your No-Shows Problem

Do you run a professional services business?  

Do no-shows cost you revenue and drive you nuts?  

Then your life just got better: we’ve just released Appointment Reminder, a new service which makes automatic phone, text message, and email appointment reminders to your clients on your behalf.  Appointment Reminder:

  • is easy to use
  • works without requiring special software or hardware
  • will pay for itself with the first appointment it saves

You should watch the video above to see how it works, or go ahead and give yourself a phone call with it right now.  Don’t worry, we’ll wait up.

Appointment Reminder is designed to solve the age-old no show problem: clients, who have busy lives, don’t always come to their appointments.  Sometimes, this is unavoidable.  Many times, it can be prevented by simply calling the client to remind them about their appointment.  However, making the calls is labor-intensive, and you end up speaking to a lot of voice mails and answering machines for every client you actually reach.  Since you are not actually in the business of making phone calls, they represent a pure cost — a tax on your time and sanity.

Flexible And Fits Your Business

Appointment Reminder uses a computer to deliver the phone calls.  It can use a reminder voiced by one of our voice actors/actresses, with the details filled in by the computer, or you can easily record your own reminder using only a telephone.  You actually schedule the appointments using your computer, after signing into a web site.  This means that you’ll never lose data to your PC having a hard drive crash or virus ever again.  We handle all the hardware and software so you can do what you do best: make your clients’ lives better by providing your services.

Appointment Reminder provides:

  • phone reminders
  • text message (SMS) reminders
  • email reminders

If your clients cancel their appointment or need a bit of human TLC, we send an email or SMS (text message) to you immediately, so that you can deal with it.  If they cancel their appointment, this lets you discover that fact in advance and rebook their appointment and the slot that was just freed up, saving you time and lost revenue.

Appointment Reminder can be used on your iPad or laptop, so you can take it with you to client sites.  This is great for businesses where a missed appointment means an hour-long drive before discovering you’re locked out of the house whose furnace you have to repair.  It is easy enough for anyone to use, and you can explain the basic operation to anyone in minutes.  (Five and a half minutes — did you watch the video yet?)

We also have a phone interface planned for early 2011, so you can retrieve schedules and schedule appointments using nothing but a standard cell phone. We also plan to interface with standard scheduling and appointment managing software — please drop us a line to tell us what you need.

Affordable And Will Pay for Itself Instantly

Appointment Reminder is affordable for any business, starting at just $9 a month for the Personal plan (perfect for tutors or people who just want a computer to tell them when their anniversary is again), $29 for the Professional plan, and $79 for the Small Business plan, suitable for running a small office.  If your needs are more extensive, we’ll happily work with you.

We’re committed to providing the very best service at Appointment Reminder, and if there is anything we can do to make your life easier, please drop us a line.  All customer service is handled by the man who made it.  Your business is too important to trust to a call center somewhere.  The service is also under active development and will get even better as time goes on, so now is a great time to get in on the ground floor and have your say in determining the future direction of it.

Start Your Free Trial Today

Sign up for a free month of Appointment Reminder online.  If the service doesn’t meet your needs, cancel before the month is over and owe nothing.  We won’t annoy you with salesmen trying to pressure you into signing a contract: the service is billed month to month and you can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your subscription at any time.  There is no software or hardware to buy, no installation fee, and you probably won’t even need to talk to your tech guy about it.

Any Questions?

If you’re wondering whether Appointment Reminder is right for you, or if you’re a member of the press, we’d love to chat with you. Patrick McKenzie ( is the primary contact for any inquiries about it. You can also leave us a voice mail at (877) 633-6172.